Selected Writing

Dengue fever outbreak in Hawaii puts underserved communities at risk
The Guardian, April 2016

Where Did Our Calm Go?
Dr. Oz The Good Life, April 2016

Fish Is Healthy…So What’s the Catch?
Dr. Oz The Good Life, March 2016

Will One Doctor’s Radical New Vaccine End the AIDS Epidemic?
Portland Monthly, January 2016

How Oregon Fixed Birth Control
Portland Monthly, January 2016

Dengue Fever Outbreak in Hawaii Has Global Impact
The Guardian, December 2015

World Changing Ideas 2015
Scientific American, December 2015

The Long Haul
Science World, December 2015

The Fight to Stop an Oil Pipeline (On Rails) In Its Tracks
Audubon, November 2015

What Tummy Doctors Tell Their Friends
Redbook, November 2015

Holes in a Bone: Flute or Fluke?
Discover, October 2015

Your 1-2-3 Guide to Healthy Breasts
Dr. Oz The Good Life, October 2015

Sugar, Not Salt, Is the Real Dietary Villain
Discover, September 2015

New Research Details Warblers’ Mysterious Treks
Audubon, August 2015

Three Locals Transforming Medicine and Research in Portland
Portland Monthly, July 2015

Zombie Vaccines! How PSU Is Leveraging Undead Viruses to Cure Diseases
Portland Monthly, July 2015

Women’s Sexual Readiness Tied to Heart Rate
LiveScience, June 2015

Too Much Vitamin B12 Linked to Acne
LiveScience, June 2015

Modern Human Possibly Had Neanderthal “Great-Great-Grandparent”
LiveScience, June 2015

5 Things You Need to Know About So-Called “Female Viagra”
Popular Science, June 2015

Chimp Chefs? These Primates Could Cook, If Given the Tools
LiveScience, June 2015

Scared Sick
Women’s Health, June 2015

5 Surprising Sushi Do’s and Don’ts
SafeBee, January 2015

8 Common Cat-Feeding Mistakes to Avoid
SafeBee, December 2014

Milking Frog Skin
Discover, May 2014

Why Randy Peacocks Would Give a Hoot
Discover, April 2014

Woman Warrior
Success, March 2014

Big Idea: When Do Girls Rule the Womb?
Discover, November 2013

Cute New Creature
Science World, October 2013

What Killed Off the Woolly Mammoths?
Discover, September 2013

Your Kid’s Body on Books
Scholastic Parent & Child, August/September 2013

Lose 4, 8, 12 Pounds—Fast!
Family Circle, August 2013

On the Hunt for “Killer” Mushrooms
Discover, August 2013

Save Rhinos By Selling Their Horns
Discover, July/August 2013

Sneaky Places Stress Shows Up
Women’s Health, June 2013

Let ’em Loose!
Scholastic Parent & Child, May 2013

Three Cocktails That are Almost Health Food
Redbook, May 2013

Butanol: The Fuel That Could Be the End of Ethanol
Fortune, April 2013

App Hazards
Women’s Health, April 2013

Global Warming Is About to Remake Worldwide Shipping
Fortune, March 2013

Health Care Freebies
Redbook, March 2013

How Evolution Made the Monkey Face
Discover, March 2013

Solving Uganda’s Nodding Syndrome
Discover, March 2013

So You Can Breathe Easier
Success, January 2013

Sexy Guys Get More Love From Fertile Gals
LiveScience, December 2012

Fertile Gals Look and Sound More Attractive
LiveScience, December 2012

Love of Spicy Food is Built Into Your Personality
Popular Science, December 2012

Inside the Highest Hotel in the World
Fortune, November 2012

The Molecular Frontier
Portland Monthly, December 2012

Inside Frank Gehry’s Surreal Opus Hong Kong
Fortune, November 2012

The Disappearing Desktop
Fortune, November 2012

One-Click Cures
Health, November 2012

Teen Drinking: It’s Not Just Their Pals You Have to Worry About
LiveScience, October 2012

Why Do We Still Mourn Steve Jobs?
Fortune, October 2012

Your Salad Can Tweak Your Genes
SELF, October 2012

Tomorrow’s Zoo: Cloned Dodos and Cyborg Giraffes?
Discover, September 2012

The Curious Science of Bodily Functions
Popular Science, September 2012

Solve Your Sleep Crisis
Health, September 2012

Is There Such a Thing as Bad Gasoline?
Fortune, August 2012

Did Refugee Women Found Madagascar?
Discover, August 2012

Marriage Drives Women to Drink
LiveScience, August 2012

Olympic Moms
What to Expect, July 2012

Clingy or Aloof? Your Sex Life May Suffer
LiveScience, July 2012

Overweight and Pregnant: Are You a Plus-Size Mom-to-Be?
What to Expect, July 2012

Why 6-Year-Old Girls Want to be Sexy
LiveScience, July 2012

Great Expectations
Fortune, July 2012

Kids’ Health
Family Circle, July 2012

Lift Every Voice and Sing
Success, June 2012

Stay Wired and Still Feel Great
Health, May 2012

World’s Smallest Vertebrate
Discover, May 2012

Dad’s Health: Benefits of Having a Family
What to Expect, May 2012

The Quest for a Male Pill is…Hard
Popular Science, April 2012

Health Benefits of Pregnancy and Motherhood
What to Expect, April 2012

Meet Your Brain
R.Life, Spring 2012

The Next Sequence
Popular Science, March 2012

The Mars Experiment
Popular Science, March 2012

The Belly Bloat Guide
Family Circle, March 2012

Why Women Lose Interest In Sex
LiveScience, February 2012

What Really Happens During Labor
What To Expect, February 2012

Be Mine: A History of Valentine’s Day Cards
Everyday Health, February 2012

Cracking a Very Cold Case
Discover, December 2011

Can Positive Thinking Backfire?
iVillage, December 2011

Practice Mindfulness for Mind-Blowing Sex
iVillage, December 2011

Teen Sex May Affect Brain Development
LiveScience, December 2011

13 Ways to Have More Mindful Sex
iVillage, December 2011

9 Ways to Make Positive Thinking Work for You
iVillage, December 2011

Sex with Animals Linked to Penile Cancer
LiveScience, November 2011

When It Comes to Some Cancers, Are You Better Off Not Knowing?
iVillage, November 2011

10 Myths About Sugar and Diabetes
iVillage, November 2011

11 Ways to Prevent Diabetes
iVillage, November 2011

Vibrators Boost Sexual Satisfaction, Don’t Intimidate Men
LiveScience, November 2011

The Search Is On
Popular Science, October 2011

If Your Body Could Talk…
Health, October 2011

It’s All About Family
Scholastic Parent & Child, October 2011

SETI’s Seth Shostak on How, When and Where We Will Meet Aliens
Popular Science, October 2011

The Top Seven Places to Catch the Flu
What To Expect, October 2011

4,000 Years of Birth Control and Counting
Everyday Health, September 2011

Big Science!
Popular Science, August 2011

Is Trypophobia a Real Phobia?
Popular Science, July 2011

How Safe Is Our Water?
KIWI, June/July 2011

Delicious Propaganda: 12 Fascinating Government Food Posters
Everyday Health, June 2011

6 New Healthy-Eating Rules (Without the Food Pyramid)
Everyday Health, June 2011

Six Months After the Leak, We Survey the Deepwater Horizon Disaster Up Close
Popular Science, October 2010

First Meat-Eating Mammal in 24 Years
Popular Science, October 2010

Grains of Truth
Science Illustrated, July/August 2010

Ultra-Bright Synchrotron Promises World’s Highest-Resolution Images of Atoms
Popular Science, June 2009

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